Japanese Goverment raises acceptable radiation levels for children

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    On April 19th, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) notified the Board of Education and related institutions in Fukushima Prefecture the level of 20 milli-sievert per year (mSv/y) as a Radiation Safety Standard for schools in Fukushima Prefecture. This is the standard to be used for school grounds and buildings. The Government has indicated that 20 mSv/y is equivalent to 3.8 micro-sievert per hour (μSv/h) measured outdoors.
    3.8 μSv/h is roughly 6 times the standard for “Radiation Controlled Areas” (0.6 μSv/h or more). The Labour Standards Act prohibits those under the age of 18 from working under these conditions. Forcing children to be exposed to such radiation doses is an exceedingly inhumane decision. Therefore, we condemn this in the strongest terms.
    20 mSv/y is comparable to the [legally] recognized dose for inducing leukemia in nuclear power plant workers. It is also comparable to the maximum dose allowed for nuclear power plant workers in Germany.
    In addition, this 20 mSv standard [for Japanese children] does not take into account the fact children have higher sensitivity to radiation than adults, nor does it take into account any internal radiation exposure.
    Currently, according to the radiation monitoring conducted at elementary
    and middle schools within Fukushima Prefecture, more than 75% of these
    schools have contamination levels comparable to “Radiation Controlled
    Areas” (0.6 μSv/h or more). Further, roughly 20% of the schools fall
    within “Individual Exposure Controlled Areas” (2.3 μSv/h or more) and
    are in an extremely dangerous situation.
    The level set by the Japanese Government at this time amounts to coercion of this dangerous situation upon children, and, can interfere with voluntary measures by schools to minimize exposure.
    Japanese govt raises “acceptable”radiation standard for children « nuclear-news
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