Japan's nuclear emergency prompts panic buying in Tokyo

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    Residents in the capital, 150 miles south of Fukushima, prepare for possible lockdown as embassies advise citizens to leave

    News of a serious radiation leak at the Fukoshima nuclear plant has sparked panic buying in Tokyo, as some residents started to leave the capital to escape potential contamination.
    Several embassies advised their citizens to leave affected areas, including Tokyo, and some multinational companies either told staff to leave or were considering relocating outside the city.
    As officials urged people living near the stricken plant to stay indoors, residents in the capital, 150 miles to the south, began preparing for the possibility of a similar lockdown.
    Experts were keen to stress, however, that only "minute" levels of radiation had been detected in Tokyo.
    Japan's nuclear emergency prompts panic buying in Tokyo | World news | The Guardian

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