Java Problems

I am experiencing a problem running Java 6 Update 22 on my 7 32-bit machine. Since I installed it a week ago, many times when I open an Office 2007 app (mainly Outlook) I get a message telling my version isn't authentic. After I download the OGAplugin and click refresh and then the next tab to continue the re-authentification, nothing happens. In the lowere left-hand corner of the screen it says something like Java:0(void). What does this mean? Are there certain versions of Java that don not work w/7? If it helps to know, I am using Firefox as my browser. Thank you for any help.

Okay, let's try this. If I uninstall Java and Office and then install Java first and then Office, will this at least solve the Office problem? This has me climbing the walls and no one seems to be able to help. Thanks.

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