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I have recently installed W7 64bit and so far so good. However, my favourite game Jewel Quest Online Party is giving me a headache. I works fine on XP but W7 is a different story. It's a relatively new game.

I've managed to install it ok. When I click to go into the game, I get a message saying 'Input not supported' which wizzes around against a black screen. Pressed the windows button and got the game back and loaded but can't click the link to access the actual game as by putting the mouse over the link it stays as a pointer not a hand, and thus can't get any further.

I did a compatibility check and changed it to XP SP3 which has enable me to get as far as I have. Could 'Input not supported' have something to do with resolution incompatibility. My monitor is the older type, not the wide screed LCD.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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one way to test the theory is to force the game to windowed rather than fullscreen to test...

Although i first try the official forum to see if they have known fixes, click below and get a "Contact Us" action ticket and tell them everything you know about the issue
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