Joystick support

Charles Linquist

Extraordinary Member
I'm using a custom 6 channel ANALOG USB Joystick. That is, it has three "joyticks", none of which are buttons. The first 4 channels work fine. But the last two channels do not work properly. The Channels I'm using are "named" Rz, Y, Z, X, Slider2, Slider1. The Slider 1 and Slider 2 channels are the problem ones. Sometimes channel 5 works full-scale (full one way to full the other way), at other times, it works with a compressed scale - midpoint to full only. I was thinking I could calibrate the joysticks using the Windows joystick calibration routines, but I can't find those routines in the latest version of Win10, and the procedures I have seen on the net refer to an earlier version. I know that the joystick works because it works perfectly on a Linux machine - no calibration needed. So, can anyone tell me how to make the joystick routines work for 3 ANALOG (1024 bit) joysticks. My application is a drone where I need to fly using two joysticks, and control the camera angle using the third.