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    Hi, recently i have been experiencing something knew i have not experienced before. at random points the screen looks funny like parts of web pages appear a little out of sync. For example right now part of my screen has gone a little funny like taking a screen shot, selecting a section & slightly moving it to one side a little without the blank parts it leaves behind.

    Also when i right click on the desktop, parts of the menu looks disfigured & colourized in black or grey. Also my desktop tool bar starts to jitter to one side & back.

    Also on my desktop, when you left click & drag you get the selection box for selecting multiple files? well, when i do that & move the box, it leaves shadows like a trail of where the box used to be & only goes when i right click & click refresh. I have only experienced this on older systems when the cpu is at 100%.

    Not sure whats causing it but its also having an impact on visual quality in games & watching movies.

    I have taken 2 screen shots of examples for you to see what i mean.


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