Windows 7 June 11 Windows 7 Updates Seem to Have Caused An Issue..


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Hi everyone, I'm new here, looking forward to speaking with you all. Hopefully I'm posting in the right area! :)

I help my mom with most of her computer issues, and I'm usually able to troubleshoot most of them without much difficulty, but today I've encountered a real whopper that I just can't figure out :(

So here's what's going on:

This morning, she ran windows updates (from what I can tell this is the latest Tuesday patch from June 11). Everything downloaded fine, but the installation phase froze -- so she did a hard reset on the computer, which is an HP laptop.

Everything boots and Windows loads fine, but once she gets to her desktop, everything is very slow and she can't load any programs (clicking icons does nothing). This seems to include explorer, since accessing my computer / documents etc. doesn't want to load either.

I had her go into safe mode and do a restore point (for 6/8/2013), but the problem seems to persist. I've also run chkdsk and scf /scannow, both finding no problems.

Additionally, in the windows update repair tool (er, I think I'm messing up that name, hopefully you know what I mean) it states that it's found issues with windows update, but after running the program, it says:

"Repair Windows Update Components - Not Fixed"

And no amount of pleading seems to be able to make it fix it. Or do much of anything for that matter.

I've tried to be as detailed as possible, but please let me know if you need additional information.

Your help would be very much appreciated. I'm sure a lot of you also get to play the role of "free tech support for family and friends", and you know how time consuming it can be!

Please help. Thank you. :angel_smile:


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Sometimes Windows Update can repair some problems if given enough time. It sounds like some update did not finish installing so the system is in some sort of intermediate stage, but hard to say.

There were several .Net updates in this batch and they do take a long time to configure. But Windows Update might need a couple of days and a couple of reboots for it to catch up. You should be able to use the system during this time. If it doesn't ever seem to recover, check the Updates list to see if something did not install.

If you want to check, there is a file in the C:\Windows folder called WindowsUpdate.log which you can copy to the desktop and check. If you want, copy the last several days (from before problem started) and paste into a text file and attach using the paperclip on the advanced replies. If you want, attach the entire log, but you might zip it first. Maybe we can see something that might help.