Just after booting windows 7 There's a big red flash just before my desktop comes on

Ive got a problem with the windows 7 ive got, everytime i restart my pc everythings fine, but when the part comes on what says welcome, then theres a big red flash just before the desktop comes on, is it supposed to do that? or is it something to do with my graphic's driver? the red flash fill's the entire screen for about a half a second, ive not know this to happen on xp/vista version's.


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It might be the monitor, but give us the exact make and model of your video and where you downloaded the drivers from

Please fill out the specifications of your computer in th UserCP link locate at the left side of the page.

This will help us diagnose your problem.

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Thank's for your reply dude, my graphics card is an ATI HD RADEON HD 2600, i allway's get the driver's from the ATI website, when i turn my pc on, when windows 7 start's and the part what say's welcome, there's a big red flash just before my desktop comes on, it wasnt doing that when i had xp pro or vista on, it was the same driver's what i downloaded as well, i cant think what it is.

Ive seemed to have sorted it, ive taken/uninstalled the graphic's driver off my system, and ive let windows update download and install the needed drivers, ive just re-started my system and the red flash has now gone, thank god for that, cheer's for all your help.


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Great news,

Thanks for posting back

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