Just an annoying BSoD question.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by wt.pm, Jun 11, 2009.

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    This is not a problem, just annoying, every once in a while, I click shutdown, or restart, the system goes through shutting down every program, logs off, gives me the System Shutting Down, screen for just a split second, then the BSoD. At which point I have to press and hold the power button, until it shuts down. I actually have it set so that if I just press the button quickly it will restart. Don't ask me how I don't remember it was one of those "exploring" through hidden stuff in XP when I found it, and now I can't find it again. Any way it still works in 7, except for these times. Upon reboot, no error msg about the problem, everything works fine, I can reboot, and shutdown several times before it does it again.
    Right now I really don't care if it gets fixed or not, as it is not causing any problems. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or if it just my system.
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    I have the same problem

    W7 64-bit build 7100

    Just got my first BSoD yesterday at a LAN party, now whenever I shut down, computer will blue screen.

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