Just another BSOD - 64bit Win 7 on Thinkpad W500


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I've got BSOD 3 or 4 times lately. I think it's been when I've had a lot of Chrome tabs open, but then again i always have that. I've attached the memory dump. I have a W500 thinkpad, switchable graphic card, 4GB, 40GB SSD. Win7 Ultimate.

View attachment 093010-11684-01.zip

Thanks! :razz:

Hello, welcome.

You have a very simple one to solve.

Your Intel wireless adapter is bugging out from this driver:

NETw5s64 NETw5s64.sys Mon May 31 15:05:02 2010

Visit Lenovo's site for your model and download/install the update to it.


Also highly suggest to either update or uninstall your Entech software because of this very old driver:

TVicPort64 TVicPort64.SYS Wed Mar 30 05:12:54 2005

EnTech Taiwan


Update this old driver too, for the ThinkPad Power Management Driver from Lenovo's site for your model.

ibmpmdrv ibmpmdrv.sys Thu May 31 05:51:31 2007

While there, install the update for the Conexant audio:

CHDRT64 CHDRT64.sys Wed Jul 22 17:57:53 2009


Enjoy. :)


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thanks TG. You da man.

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