Windows 7 Just build a new rig have old laptop, Q is..


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Feb 9, 2009
My old dell laptop is a 32bit windows xp with no room on the hard drive. Have a have a 32gig flash drive (from Patriot-and it's awesome) I would like to install windows7 64bit version on my new rig(i7 920, gtx285, 6gig ram, 650 hdd, 750w psu) Can't seem to download 64bit on laptop flash drive only the 32 bit version. Guess my question is what is the easiest way to load win7 on my new rig?
that sounds nice and easy. tried that but it didn't work. Not sure why, but think it's because the laptop is only 32bit and would like to install the 64 bit on the new rig.
... You need to download the 64-Bit version. If you can't get it download, it's a matter of where you're downloading from, not the OS your downloading to. It doesn't matter in the least that your laptop is 32-Bit, an ISO is an ISO until it's installed.
Thanks Kyle! you made my day! will have to try and find some place else to download the iso.
You should be able to get the ISO from Microsoft's site still... but you have to hurry as it stops being available directly from them today February 10, 2009.... ;)
That's good news, how did the install go?
Everything running smoothly after you got it installed, or did you have to go driver hunting?
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