Just built machine, internet issues (of course)

Just built a brand new beast of a machine. Using Win 7 right off the bat (no vista or XP on this machine) and I immediately have net issues.

The majority of the time webpages will load without issues, the rest of the time they crawl or will time out. When it comes to downloads (say, firefox or an antivirus software) via the internet my kbs will start off great and then completely peeter out, sometimes dropping down to under 1kb/s!

I'm using a brand new linksys wireless card, and my old computer had no internet issues (XP). This is incredibly frustrating as I can't put anything on this machine for the time being. I searched the forums and it seems like most people have been having issues due to possible conflict with older OS's and such...could really use some help getting my internet speed to something greater than a 56K modem.

Thank you.


Senior Member
Have you installed the latest wireless drivers from the manufacturers website? You running x64 or x86? Are you making sure you are connecting to your wireless network? :)

Joe S

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Is your wireless network secured so that nobody else can use it?

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