Just loaded win 7 ultimate on laptop

Just loaded win 7 ultimate. Can connect to internet fine. Can see win xp machines just fine. Can "see" any shared forlder just fine. Cannot attach to them . Error is "do not have permission to access". When laptop was vista could simply share the resouce on xp machines and all was well. How can I make user names the same as the machine name is different. I cannot add username to xp machines. Workgroup is workgroup on all machines. There are no passwords used anywhere on system. Please advise

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In XP, did you try right-click on a shared folder => properties => sharing tab ?

I did exactly what I used to do and it indeed shows a hand for sharing with no user or password required. It just stopped working when I went from vista to win7 on the laptop. The share even shows on win7 network but I an Error is "do not have permission to access".

you need to add the EVERYONE persona to the security permissions

the same applies to the XP machines shared folder as well

Really strange. That advice works from XP connecting to win 7 folder and files. Still unable to connect from win7 to XP folders and files. Error "do not have permission to access". Can see the shared folder on xp machine but not attach (and obviously not see contents). Please keep trying to assist.


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Your problem is probably linked to some type of third party firewall or antivirus suite running on the XP machine. I would suggest that you temporarily uninstall any such application from the XP machine and see if that resolves the problem. You can always reinstall them later, once you've sorted out the access problem.

I would normally agree except that the xp machines are running the same symantec endpoint with the same settings they were yesterday when the laptop was running vista and connected with no issue.

For what it is worth the laptop with win 7 is running the same symantec endpoint as the xp machines and does not hinder connection XP to win7.

To test your solution I disabled endpoint on the XP machine. I selected a new folder on the XP machine and gave 'everyone' permissions. I got the same error message. I am truely stumped. Win 7 sees the share but not the permissions.

New point: when I go to disbale the share it says there is one user connected. How can there be this "connection"?

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thank you for the nice clarification you made above. On your XP machine, do you have SP 3 installed ?

If not, then:

1) Install XP SP3
2) Run the network wizard after the install

Ok time for an update. It took until the weekend when I could install SP 3 (which I was loath to do with number of issues reported). I did install it and it took many hours to clean itself up. It finally installed. I then reran network setup.

1) The shares I set up in XP still showed as available but I could not access them, no permission. Firewalls were not the issue. Permissions were not the issue
2) a new share on XP was created under documents and settings/all users/documents. I could copy files to here and they could be retrieved/modified/etc. No other permissions necessary.
3. I could share and access anything on win7 with XP.
4. before I put laptop on win 7 I had vista. I had no issues accessing XP with SP2 from Vista. No firewall issues. No isssues at all. I just marked xp folders as shared and they were shared. I did not have to change/set any other permissions.

What a cluster.

I do want to thank all responders for their patience. I can not figure out what is wrong but I have a work around.

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