Just Reinstalled Windows 7 on my HP -- Guest Accounts Can Access Internet, Admin Account Cannot


I recently had to reinstall (format and clean install) on my home PC. The admin account could access the internet right after the install. Once I added standard user accounts for each of my kids, those accounts can access the internet, but the admin account cannot.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.


Andrea Borman

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That's strange. If you have re-installed Windows, as long as you have installed all of the drivers,you should be able to access the Internet on any account. I find that when I do a clean install of Windows I have to install all of the drivers again. As often a clean install comes without drivers. Andrea Borman.


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If you are using a commercial anti-virus/firewall or security suite, this may be the cause. We know virtually nothing about your setup, your system specifications, or the software installed on your system. Any software that conflicts with Windows Firewall or a misconfiguration of your router's DHCP settings would likely be the cause. If you were missing NIC (network interface card) drivers, as another member suggested, you would not be able to get on at all.

Hello mmonthei,
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Since you had Admin access upon install and before adding the additional accounts, I would suggest deleting the kids accounts temporarily and see if the Admin account gains access again.
If you do, then add the kids account back one at a time, each time checking the Admin account for access, also make sure you keep network sharing enabled on the Admin account.

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