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kevin from Chi-town

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Jan 11, 2009
During the installation, I was directed to several AV betas ( Norton, Kaspersky). I downloaded both, and now that I'm using the Kaspersky I need a key. Does anyone had a link to that installation page with these betas. I searched everywhere.

Second of all, is Kaspersky build as big a nightmare as some people make it out to be? So far mine hasn't given me any problems, but its also not activated either.
I installed Kaspersky with no problem. Updated right off the bat. I didn't get a key when downloading. Upon installation I got a page where the key was already filled in and activated with no problem.
I used to be a big Kaspersky fan.

I've written them 3 times asking for a link for the betas reply from them whatsover. Who knows, maybe Putin has taken over the tech sector. Its working but with annoying notifications about registration, and its tells me the database is obsolete even after it updates. I'm going to yank it from my PC and my tenure with Kaspersky is coming to an end. Guess I'll go to Norton!

Uninstall and reinstall lead me to that same activation. First time forms was blanked out...dont know what happened...but its working ok now.
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