Kaspersky, Outpost, Comodo and Vista problem

HELP! Has anyone had this experience?

After installing the current (supposedly Vista compatible) versions of each of the following trial softwares, Kaspersky AV or Internet Security, or Agnitum Outpost Firewall or Security Suite, or Comodo Firewall, Windows no longer loads properly after a reboot. Instead of the desktop, I get the following message over a black screen:

"Windows Software Protection

An unauthorized chage was made to Windows

Windows has discovered a change that will result in limited Windows functionality. Use the link below to find out how to fix Windows"

When I click the given link, it takes me to the MS site, and I discover that the unauthorized change that is made is to the Windows license, and then it no longer passes the Genuine test.
Furthermore, there's no way to re-activate it as Windows is no longer accessible; only the MS internet link is accessible, and nothing more. At this point I have no choice but to reload a backup image of my system.

When I check with the makers of the security softwares I mentioned above, they tell me their product is Vista compatible, and they haven't heard of anyone else having this experience.

Otherwise, all other software works perfectly on my Vista 32bit Business Edition.




iam having exactly the same problem m8, its doin exactly the same, iv tried stoppin it runnin from start up, system restores etc etc.. i jus bought kaspersky 29.99, wat a load of shit!! can u post back if u managed 2 sort it. thanks

This is a family oriented site, I would appreciate it if you would watch your language.
Thank you

A friend of mine had numerous problems with the Kaspersky Suite and had to uninstall it. My advice is to keep the Comodo Pro Firewall. Uninstall the other mentioned programs. For an Anti-Virus, download and install AVG Free from here:AVG Free Advisor - Free antivirus and anti-spyware downloads . While there, get the free AVG Anti-Spyware also.
Gene K

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