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    New update. How do I remove it?
  2. I also want to know how to remove this update, it's causing me "problems"
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    This forum is dead
  4. Reversing this is a real pain in the tail. If you have a recent Complete PC Backup, by all means use it. Boot from the Vista DVD, restore the backup and catch up from there. This time, uncheck and hide the damn update.

    If you're stuck without an image, well, here's what you have to do.

    You'll need:
    1) Your Vista DVD
    2) the RC1 tokens.dat
    3) a CPP product key

    but that is exactly what got us in this mess, so you probably have them.

    - Backup everything important before you do this. Seriously.

    - Reboot into Safe Mode. Make sure "Show Hidden Files/Show protected system files" is checked in Folder Options. Duh.

    - Zap the WPA encrypted store. Delete the following (hidden) files:
    "C:\Windows\System32\7B296FB0-376B-497e-B012-9C450E1B7327-2P-0.C748345 6-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0"
    "C:\Windows\System32\7B296FB0-376B-497e-B012-9C450E1B7327-2P-1.C748345 6-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0"

    -Uninstall the WGA update. Run the following command:
    regsvr32 /u c:\windows\system32\LegitCheckControl.dll

    Reset Software Licensing tokens:
    - Copy the RC1 tokens.dat to "C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\S oftwareLicensing\"

    Remove the WPA data from the registry. You can't do this to a running install. So…
    - Restart and boot from the Vista DVD. Choose "Repair my computer" and choose your Vista install. Select "Command Prompt"
    - Run regedit from the cmd prompt
    - Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then select File -> Load Hive
    - Navigate to [your system disk]:\windows\system32\config and choose the SYSTEM hive. Give it key name of "temp"
    - Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\WPA\ to remove it and the subkeys under it.
    - Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\ and then select File -> unload hive
    - Close regedit, close the prompt, and restart.

    - Boot normally.
    - When you log on you will in RFM and told "Your copy of windows is not genuine" Whatever. Rolling Eyes
    - Run slui.exe, enter your CPP product key and fire away. It should activate as genuine! Log off and back on to get Aero back.

    Run windows update, uncheck that piece of crap, and hide it. RIGHT NOW.
  5. Hi,
    Thanks a lot...

    I did it and when I run slui it gives me an error about the service that was not started.

    When I try to manually start the Licencing Service, it gives me a 0xc004d103 error code.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance
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    The only legitimate reason to bypass this update is if it is causing a computer problem or conflict. I suggest you procure your copy of Windows Vista by legal means. If your copy of Windows Vista is no longer active after this update its because you have a pirated or expired key.
  7. Solution to Windows Vista Validation update (KB929391)

    Solution to Windows Vista Validation update (KB929391) - READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS-

    This is for all you people, like me who were foolish enough to install the KB929391 Validation Update. After at least 3 hrs of hard work I have finally come up with a valid solution to this problem. The process is quite simple, yet confusing so read carefully.

    1) Make a new Windows live account, and obtain a brand new RC1 beta key, once obtained write it down on a piece of paper. (The one you used to activate Vista Ultimate is useless now)

    2) Reboot your computer into SAFE MODE

    3) Make sure you computer is set to "View Hidden Files" and you have "Full Administrative Access"

    4) Delete the following 2 files-

    5) Reboot your PC and log in

    6) You will get a message saying something along the lines of " There has been a change to your Windows Activation Process" ( I cant remember what it exactly said but you'll see it, it will prevent you from going into your pc, unless you activate Vista or restart). It will give you the following 2 options-
    i) Validate Windows online
    ii) Close

    If you click "Close" you will be sent back to your login
    If you hit the "Validate Windows Online" thing (dont know the exact words) you will go to WGA Check and it will say " Your Version of Microsoft Windows is Not Genuine

    7) Click on the top first option " Validate Windows Online" (Again, i dont remember the exact words, so dont be stupid, its the first option above "Close")

    8) After clicking "Validate Windows Online" it will say "Your copy of Windows is not Genuine" and it will take back to the screen with the 2 options again-
    i) Validate Windows Online
    ii) Close

    9) Manually restart the computer

    10) This time it will say something like " There has been a change in the windows product key" ( Again don't quote me on the text, its a window that provides you with the opportunity to type in your product key, if the vista login shows up, then just login and it the product key window will appear.

    11) Put your new product RC1 product key

    12) There you have it, now your Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is activated again.

    13) Go into your Control Panel, updates, and disable automatic updates


    End Note Important- Now you will notice that in the updates the update KB929391 is still there, yes it is, but go into your System and your Windows is activated......I have restarted several times with network support and everything seems to be working.

  8. Thanks a lot man!
  9. TNKS DUDE!! u save me :D
  10. KB929391 unleashed

    Delete the files in safe mode then reboot few times. At the end enter a fresh new RC key.

    Here is a sample screenshot:
  11. And

    WELL DUH!!!!!
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    I am one of those fools that downloaded the KB929391
    As soon as I did, Norton Internet Security popped up telling me it has detected and deleted a worm.
    I checked in the Update history 29-Feb-08 and the offensive file is not there
    Have I been just lucky:confused:

    I have restarted at least a dozen times and all is OK
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    Unlike your sparkling wit...

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