KB971033 won't install on Win 7 pro x64

this security update won't install.
I tried for 2 weeks with Microsoft Tech... they have no clue.
I tried every suggestion they have in the book, with no success.
does anyone have an idea what can be wrong... short of reinstalling from scratch.

KB971033 IS NOT A SECURITY UPDATE. There is no valid reason to install it and as far as I know Microsoft pulled it from Windows Update.

It is true that it was pulled out....

It was in Windows update as an "important" update but it was not checked off by default. I hid that update because it is not needed, and does not update any feature I use in Windows.

My Windows update (which is set to manual updates only) showed the last check 3/10/2010 and KB71033 still show as hidden. I hit check for updates 3:40PM ET 3/13/2010 and KB71033 is now gone from the hidden updates list. Other people report the same behaviour. So I conclude that Microsoft has pulled this from Windows Update.

Just so you know this update is reported to phone home to Microsoft every 90 days. This behvaiour in other software is generally considered "spyware."

It was placed as an "important update" (just as the past WGA junkware was) BUT it was not checked off by default.


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It may not be essential that you have this update, as long as others continue to install. It will probably be superceded by another Windows Activation Service update in the future, since it has already been cracked. The purpose of this update was to prevent software piracy by eliminating over 50 known methods used to bypass Windows activation. This is not an essential update and provides no additional features for you at this time.

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