Kernal Power 41 (63) Random System Crash/Restart.

Hi all,
After searching for a forum with lots of active support, I found it.
Seeing this crash has various reasons I couldn't find a fix from other topics.

I just built a PC for a client and it's getting random restarts.

Windows 7 x64.
Intel i3 530.
GeIL GV34GB1333C9DC 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3.
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB ST3500418AS.
Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H mATX Motherboard.
Samsung SH-S223C SATA DVD/RW Drive.

All temps are always under 40 Degrees Celsius.

The original power supply is a Thermal Master 420W, replaced with a Thermaltake Litepower 600W. The

problem still occurs.

I have done a individual and paired Memtest and the Memory is fine.

CHKDSK finds errors and cannot continue, so I done a CHKDSK /R

There are no Minidumps (Yes the reporting settings are right).

CHKDSK /R took a while (1 Hour+) and it didn't crash. Usually while your in Windows 7 it crashes every 10-15 minutes, so could this be a driver problem?

Couple of pictures (Didn't embed them because they are big):

Thanks - Matt. Any help or questions trying to resolve the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: After the CHKDSK /R, CHKDSK was fine and the system has been up for half an hour, I've got to go out to dinner but I'll leave the system on and see if it crashes with some applications open.

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You can use safe mode + networking if needed.

Uninstall all the Gigabyte software utilities as they tend to cause headaches. Then type msinfo32 in the start menu then hit enter. File | save on the screen that opens. Zip the saved file. Then attach the zip to a post. We can have a look at many aspects of the system this way, including drivers.

If the page file has been disabled for any reason, then this is why the system is not producing crash dumps. Enable it. If it already is, the nature of the crashes could be so abrupt that Windows is unable to make them.

One further thing for now is to update the motherboard bios to latest.

The gigabyte software was never installed, only the needed drivers.

Anyway, here is the msinfo32 (Attached).

Page file is enabled. So windows mustn't be able to make them.

I'll update the bios after.


I recommend uninstalling the AVG. That antivirus has not such a great track record. It causes the most bsod of any antivirus on the market, free or otherwise.
Here is a special tool to use in safe mode to get rid of it:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

I highly recommend MSE since it does not cause bsod in any circumstances and is light on resources.

Honestly, this was one of the first things I noticed and stopped looking at things after. I will put a much greater effort in for you if you report back that changing to MSE has not helped. I really think it will though.

Before I went to dinner the system was up for an hour or so before it crashed.

Then I uninstalled AVG.

Currently the uptime is 1hr 27mins, if it stays up all night I'll be glad.

Is there anything I can run to put some stress on the PC overnight?

Is there anything I can run to put some stress on the PC overnight?
Really, no. If the culprit really was AVG, then it would have been responsible for memory corruption. These types of crashes happen when the machine is perfectly idle, using the net, watching videos, playing games, etc... Meaning, it does not matter at all the level of current use of the pc.

I would simply wait it out and hope for the best in this case. Perhaps watch some Youtube videos or just use the machine as if it was your own until you're satisfied there are no further bsods.

If there does happen to be one, maybe now a crash dump will be created in C:\Windows\Minidump that you can post.

Thanks so much for your help TorrentG.

I left it on for 10 and a half hours, then restarted it and it's been up for just over 2 hours now.

Thanks again for your help - Matt.

Sure thing. Glad to hear it. You're welcome. :)

Hey mate,

Bad news, it's happening again.
For the first time it done it as windows was starting up.

It seems to have gotten worse.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Matt.

Edit: there are still no dump files either.

I have just narrowed it down to the screen.
When I use my screen the system is fine, when I use the clients screen it crashes.

The screen is an AOC E936SWA 18.5" LED, Connects with VGA, same with my other monitor.

I have installed the driver for the screen but it still crashes with the LED monitor, should I replace it?

Edit: Crashed on my screen for the first time, doing some tests with the keyboard and mouse now.. As well as changing the power cord.

Edit: Changed keyboard, mouse and the power cord, still crashing.

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Did you update the bios yet? Is the RAM set automatically by spd or manually in the bios?

Also, if there is a setting for memory remapping in the bios, enable it.

For now, you can go to the start menu. All programs, startup folder. Delete:

Google Update
OneNote 2007 Screen Clipper and Launcher (Windows 7 has an excellent built-in screen capture software called Snipping Tool)


I looked over the drivers and like everything I see, with one exception. It's the ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter driver. It's from June 11, 2009 which is before the Windows 7 RTM date. I'd really like to see this driver updated. Please search Asus site for it. If you don't know which exact card it is or can not find the driver, then use Internet Explorer only to get it here:

Microsoft Update Catalog

The correct driver will be one of the first two on top shown. Probably the very top one because it is larger and this is an x64 system we're dealing with.

Use the device manager to update the driver. Right click the device, update driver software, browse my computer, let me pick, have disk, browse. Now find and double click on the extracted .inf. Hit ok then next and it will install.

Please keep me updated on how it's going or if you have any questions.

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Updated the bios just before, and loaded the "Optimized" settings. The RAM is automatically set by SPD.

I disabled those you asked.

From this point the system is still doing random restarts.

I updated the driver for the USB Wireless Network Adapter (Although it isn't plugged in, I plugged it in to update the driver, then removed it, then restarted the system).

It's weird how it went the full night without crashing, even in the morning it didn't crash, now it's crashing again.

Just as I was about to finish up this post it crashed, sign.

Thanks - Matt.
P.S: Let me know if you need any other files or anything.

Confirming it is set like that, and not producing mini-dumps.

And is there a page file active on the machine?

If there is, then something comes to mind why the system may be crashing so suddenly with different psus and low temps:

Some motherboards bug out if they're not 100% mounted in the case correctly. Some screw holes could have metal around them while others could not. The ones with metal are meant to have conductivity to the case. Make sure there are no plastic washers blocking this conductivity. I know it's a pain and this is actually rare, but it does happen at times.

Yes page file is active.

There is a .dmp file from the 24 / 07 / 2010 at 2:18 PM, this exact time had the same Kernel Power error.
Did you want me to zip it and upload it?

I'll remove and put the motherboard back in now.

Edit: just as I was about to shut down the system, it crashed, and it crashed 2 times pretty much straight away on the post screen.

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Sure. Upload that. It may have clues and I can get a better look at what may be going on.

Dump file attached.

System still crashing after re-mounting the motherboard.


MS has an KB article on this I'll just go try to find it again

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