kernel error

Hey people,

I recentlly built a system.

Dx58so intel motherboard

galaxy gtx 465 graphics card.

i think probably the problem is apart of these two things. I play world of warcraft and sometimes the nvidia card plays up and shutters the game and somtimes changes the resolution to rediclous sizes. anyhow on the windows screen an error pops up when this happens. You display driver has stopped working, kernel error. Ill write it down next time i see the error but its somthing along those lines.

Any help would be muchly appreciated, I have updated all current drivers. if you specs please ask ill try to get them.



Hello, welcome to windows7forums.

No need to write it's a 0x116 tdr timeout error with a kernel-power event 41 in the event manager.

Simply navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder. Zip the files and then attach the zip to a post.

I'll have a look for ya.

In the meantime, visit Intel's site to download and install the latest bios for the motherboard.

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cheers Torrentg for taking the time.

i tried zipping using winzip, but fails to zip it. hope im not doing a bad thing, i just uploaded it its only 194kb... And look into a bios update.

ONce again many thanks


update* so updated the bios using the intel express bios utility. Said it was successful.

Just an additional note.

I also have trouble booting at times, sometimes freezes at any stage of boot... sometimes powers up (no screen signal) then powers of after about 5 secs... then switches off powers up for a second powers off. then powers itself backon.... thought id add this as it may be linked to the problem.

Cheers again



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Your motherboard is Intel but your Windows install has NVIDIA chipset drivers, old ones at that:

nvm62x32 nvm62x32.sys Fri Oct 17 17:00:39 2008

This should not be at all and this needs to be removed. Run Driver Sweeper from in safe mode to remove all NVIDIA nForce chipset drivers. Do not check the box for video, while using.

Reboot to normal mode and update your video card driver from here:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Tue Jan 12 00:32:34 2010


Should be fine when done.


ive done as above. ill post here next wow playing and update you on how it went........... DUDE THANKS SO MUCH

hmmm. i think i have done something wrong. I cleaned all chipset drivers for nvidia.

Some additional info, which i think may influence. When i upgraded the system i used the old hard drive. I did reinstall windows. However i did boot with the orignal harddrive version of windows on it. Should i get a new harddrive?

and is still recuring. kernal 41 error

No, new hard drive not necessary. Please post new crashes and we will take things from there. :)

kk TG at work at the moment i get home in about 6 hrs.

I assume to get crashes log from the event viewer.

Do want me to print screen, ill see if can just copy and paste.

i did run driver whiz program, (cost $30 to purchase). Just to have a look at what it picked up. The program found lots of drivers obsolete including nvidia ones. I did not purchase the program just ran the scan.

Cheers mate


Those programs are notorious. Best never to use them at all.

I can see all your drivers and know what exactly each one is and if there are updates.

If you've taken care of the above, there is nothing left to do besides test memory.

The crash dumps will show more and we will take things from there.

heres the tiff file from the event log and minidump file. Is this what you need?



nvm62x32 nvm62x32.sys Fri Oct 17 17:00:39 2008 is still present. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and rename it to nvm62x32.BAK

Reboot. If bsods continue, test memory overnight with Memtest86+.

You didn't update the video card driver yet either.

Keep us updated regardless of result, please.

I thought i did update the video card driver. Maybe i didnt delete the old drivers properly.

I tried running the memtest86+ but having trouble boot it b4 windows.............sigh i fail.

I change the nvm62x32.sys to .bak


if i was to get a new hard drive and update the windows on it would this fix my issues?


* PS i was considering upgrading the hardrive because its an old one anyhow and holding back the overall performance of my PC

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