Windows 7 Keyboard and Mouse failure after system error

I have had Windows 7 since the original beta was released and recently (about a week ago) updated to the release candidate... Immediately the OS seemed glitchier than the beta copy that i had. After i updated the system began to go to sleep and then i couldn't wake it up with the keyboard or the mouse and was forced to reboot via the power button. Well, i went to sleep the other night and left the system logged on and when i woke up went to check my email. Again, the system was stuck in sleep mode with no response from the keyboard or mouse. This time however when i rebooted the keyboard still did not respond nor did the mouse... there is power to the usb ports because the num, caps, and scroll lock lights flash on startup but then i get no response... i cannot access any options when asked if i would like to run startup repair or whatever its called so i can't boot up the OS anymore... any help would be greatly appreciated because i feel at a loss.. i have no way of giving the computer input... oh yeah, i am running the Windows 7 RC 32bit edition with 1.5 GB of ram and a pentium 4 processor running around 2.3 ghz.