Keyboard and Mouse Issues

Hello all,

I've recently built a new PC and decided it was a good time to jump up from Windows XP and Windows 7. Everything seems to be working great apart from two rather major problems, my keyboard and mouse seem to be experiencing some kind of "lag". The most annoying issue is the keyboard, it will often "miss" hit keys entirely and sometimes it will add others. As you can imagine this is annoying, sometimes when I want to erase one character by using backspace, the entire line gets erased. Similarly sometimes it will at random decide to make a key "stick".

(to give you some idea of the problem and how annoying it is, I will not correct the next paragraph)

I'm currently using a Microsoft CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCComfort Currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve 2000 but exactly thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe same issue on my older Logitech keyboard. Sometimes this problem goes entirely for a wh (while) but then it comes back.

I have also been having similar issues with my mouse, it has been stuttering, stopping and also jumping which, as you can imagine, is extremely frustrating when you're trying to do something in a program like PhotoShop. I've only tried the one mouse so I can't comment if this particular issue happens on other devices to but I do know that it worked flawlessly on my Windows XP installation for a long time.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64bit and I've done my best to install all the very latest drivers to see if I can resolve this particular issue but so far I haven't been able to find a cure. I've also tested my hardware (particularly RAM) to see if there were any issues there but all the rests came out fine. I've also done several virus and malware scans to make sure the system is clean and according to both Nod 32 and Malwarebytes Antimalware there isn't an infection to be seen. I've also checked the CPU usage at the time of these "lags" and it doesn't spike at all.

Has anyone here experienced similar problems? After doing a bit of Google research, these devices seem to either work entirely or not work at all, I'm in the middle ground here and don't know what to do :(.

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