keyboard causes mouse to lock up for a few seconds

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    my mouse locks up for a few seconds after typing like if i press any key on my keyboard my mouse locks up for about 3-5 seconds and ive been through settings and that but i cant find the solution to my problem can some one help me ill put a few screen shots in. in addition to the screenshot my lap top is a acer aspire 1 intel atom processoe n450 (1.66GHz, 512kb Cache)

    if you need any more info just ask

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    Have you installed anything or hardware? Do you have all the latest MS updates?

    Seeing that this is a notebook/laptop...are your referring to the touch pad of notebook or do you have an external connected mouse?

    Have you checked for any spyware, adware and malware...sometimes this stuff can corrupt such hardware on a computer.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your Acer notebook.

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