Keyboard Error or No Keyboard Present

Ok, so I did a stupid thing.

My wife's laptop broke down a few months ago, and we wanted to get some files off of the hard drive. I grabbed an extra eSATA cable and connected it to an extra port on my desktop motherboard... without remembering to connect it to the power supply.

I already said I did a stupid thing, no need to remind me. :)

Anyway, when I booted up the machine, I was unable to get past the BIOS, getting an error message "Keyboard Error or No Keyboard Present". Even after shutting down and removing the hard drive, I'm still getting this error message. We've tried a number of different keyboards and it's coming up the same every time.

Someone suggested that I'd need to create a boot drive from a flash drive, but I thought I'd shoot the question to the forums and see if anyone else has been this stupid with their machine and knows how to get out of it.

Much thanks.

Try resetting BIOS to default settings and save and exit out.

Hitting DEL when the message comes up doesn't bring up the BIOS settings. Is there another way I can do this?

What brand laptop is this...there should be an F2, F10, F11 or F12 option with most branded PC's to get in to the BIOS.

Sorry, should have been clear: my computer is a desktop I built. Yes, more stupid than originally thought.


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I suppose a question..eSATA uses an eSATA connection. I don't know why that would have caused a problem for a keyboard.

Did your actually connect an external drive to a USB port under the conditions you mentioned? Are you thinking you may have broken the USB connectors? But, I suppose either situation might have messed up a particular voltage output on the motherboard.

I would think external devices are designed in such a way that forgetting the power supply for it would not break the motherboard. Plus, eSATA does not even draw power from the connection.

(again: stupid)

I plugged my wife's internal laptop hard drive into one of the internal eSATA ports right on the motherboard of my desktop. You're right, though--it seems like I've somehow broken the USB connectors on the motherboard, since the keyboard backlights don't even work.


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If you can get a non usb keyboard you may be able to get into the BIOS.
Beg, borrow, goto the Salvation Army store and get a PS2 KB see if it will work.

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