keyboard not working properly and taking time to type

well i have dell laptop....keyboard i mean the keypad isnt working properly in my laptop....when i type it takes time to type those words or sometimes even when i press really hard it takes time in typing the word..

i have updated the driver,checked the keyboard settings as well...everything is fine...i even uninstalled the driver and installed it again..

it is giving the same problem in safe mode also...what could be the problem?

Anyone please..

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Not an easy issue to diagnose.
A couple things to try;
Turn off the computer, remove the battery and use only the AC power supply (charger) to see if the problem is present without the battery installed. If the problem seems to be gone, replace the battery.
Grab a Linux Live CD and burn the ISO and boot from it to test and see if the problem is present outside of Windows 7. (Don't install Linux just use the Live CD to test) Download | Ubuntu
Beg or borrow a USB keyboard from a friend, relative or neighbor and see if the problem persists.
Keep us posted and welcome to the forum.

A keyboard or mouse will seem to 'Lag' if the CPU is being worked hard.
This is especially critical on a laptop, so keeping the work load as low as possible should always be something to think about.
Limit the number of Services and programs that run in the background, to start with.

Overheating in at least some laptops will cause the CPU to throttle down to lessen the heat buildup.
NO laptop should ever be set on any soft surface, like a bed, carpet on even on your lap, that could block the air intakes which are usually on the bottom of the case.

If I had that PC here, I doubt it would take me long to diagnose the problem.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


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