Keyboard not working properly-very urgent please

Suddenly when I typed my name say aditya it typed ad5tyu
I mean to say when I am typing something something else is appearing though in english
I tried reinstalling the language also tried reinstalling the keyboard but nothing helped
I am using win 7 32bit ultimate
But I have more that 2 user accounts on my laptop
when I logged into my second user account which I am onto now everything worked fine
but not on the one I used to work before on
I am really very tensed why this is happening
is this a virus problem?
It cant be since other user accounts are working fine with my keyboard and the prefered english US language
Please help me soon
laptop is HP dv4-1257tx

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Most often when you see numbers appearing instead of letters on a laptop keyboard, it because laptops have embedded number keys which are turned on and off by either a num lock key or else a combination of a FN (function key and another key). Please double check and make sure that this is hot what's happening to you.

I dont have any FN keys enabled at the moment.
Nor caps nor num lock
When I use another user account this problem is not there only on the user account I was working on this suddenly happend
Its not only with numbers
Its like when I type my name say"Aditya"
so when I type it there I will get something like ad5ytu
so what do I do how do I reset the Language I did that too but still no effect what is the solution Please help

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