Keyboard remapping


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How can I remap the Numpad numbers to mirror function key settings defined by the application program I am running. For example, the program defines F2 as CTRL+A, which it then uses to toggle a program setting.

Using AutoHotkey I can put
Numpad1::send ^a
and Word/Notepad do react properly to a Numpad1 keypress - for their definition of ^a = select all.

However the application program does not recognise the key remapping. It won't even recognise the simpler:
Numpad1::send 9
Nor a hopefull attempt of
Numpad1::send F2

Can anyone help?


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OK, using regedit to remap Num1-9 onto F2-F6 and F9-F12 seems to work - for those program settings that use Function keys. I now need to see if can remap NUMLOCK to CTRL and the numpad / and * keys to give CTRL+{alpha key} equivalents.