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Okay I was not sure what to put this under so I put it under the support. I have been noticing that my computer starts acting funny every once and a while. Nothing that a reboot wont fix, but I want to know why it is doing it. So After a few days of running, some of the keys will just stop working. the last time was the "c" and "v" keys, before that the entire top row from "q" to "\". It is always fixed by a reboot, but what is the deal? Is it my keyboard or some sort of software issue. I have seen this happen with laptops, the keyboard mat gets punctured in some sort of way, but it never fixed itself. I am baffled.


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My guess that that the keyboard is showing signs of wear, but there's always that possibility that the software will fix it. There's so many brands of keyboards, I don't know the brand.

You could try to reinstall the software, but it's still my guess that it has some wear on it. Depending on how long it's been used, how many users have access to it, the age of it, if it's older than 3 years, and used for 6 to 8 hours per day, that's a lot.

The easiest way to find out, is to install a borrowed keyboard. If the situation doesn't duplicate itself, that's probably it, a bad keyboard.


Sorry I forgot to put any specifics, it is an HP KBI Wireless keyboard and mouse, about a month old. Only the software that came with Windows is installed for it. Sorry I didn't put that in the first place.

Since it's an HP product under warranty. Why not just contact them either by online chat or phone support. They will help you at no cost. Do you need their connect information?

If you have it handy, Online please, I don't like phones


I'm like an Indian, if they can hear my voice they might steal my soul.


HP Customer Service 1-800-474-6836. When asked for the serial, and product numbers. Hold down control and the Alt keys, then press the S key. This will provide that info. Good luck!

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Why use free support when you already have warranty support?

I hate talking on the phone. Make me feel a little strange. I never have liked the phone all that much. I am so glad I live in the world of instant messengers and Bulletin Board Systems.

Use HP online chat, instead.


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HP has the crappiest customer service of all computer companies. They had me on the phone for over 70 minutes, using Remote Assistance to try to "fix" a mouse that cost less than $10. I know the price of them, because RiteAid sold the very same one for that price.

Now, why would they waste that much of their (& my) time, trying to save that much money? Naiya, I highly suggest that you go the chat route, or if you bought the keyboard from a local retailer, try to exchange it. Many stores have a 30 to 90 day exchange period. Plus, if you bought it with a credit card, you have additional protection.

Whatever you do, don't allow HP's so called "technicians" take over your PC to "fix" this keyboard. Demand an exchange. The reason that I say this, after that "tech" (I'm biting my tounge here) finished his "diagnosis & repair", my PC wasn't left the same. I had to revert to the last image that I had made to restore proper PC function.

Wonder why HP ranks last in customer satisfaction?


Oh hell no. I don't care what they are going to do, no one gets control over my PC. You want something done, you tell me what to do. I will do it. I wont hand over control with an Administrator acount of my computer that has every aspect of my life on it to some minimum wage jerkoff with like two weeks training right off the street. I say thyat because I worked helldesk at one time, and because I knew what I was doing, I was an outcast. No one liked me managers as well, because I could do their job better than they could. Any way, yea it aint going to happen.


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I don't blame you a bit on that. Had I known that HP was going to tie up over 70 minutes of my time, as well as remotely access my PC to save $10 (probably more like $3 for them), I'd have said to hell with it.

The PC was still under factory warranty, I had no reason to believe that they'd go through all this trouble over a mouse. That's why in the future, I'll never buy HP again, nor will I recommend others to buy from them. Word of mouth can be the best (or worst) advertising there is.

I had a similar issue with a Logitech mouse that was the replacement for that one, they simply took me for my word (as HP should have) & sent me a new mouse. All that they wanted was the date & place of purchase, M/N, P/N & PID. The new mouse arrived in 2 days. That's the way it's supposed to be with all items such as this.


Interesting reading all this... over the years 2 I don't won't recommend are HP & Dell. Ya spose it might be part of it that I have either seen more problems w/ them than any others. And, after things I done on behalf of clients, I wouldn't wish their customer service/support or marketing on my worse enemies... if I had any



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Dell & HP are in a constant fight for 1st place in worst customer service, that's for sure. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it were discovered that the same "techs" are used for both companies. All they are is call centers based somewhere over in India or another country.

Half the time spent with the HP tech was him having to repeat himself, because I can't understand someone who can't speak fluent English. This alone speaks volumes of the company, most of their customers are in the US, yet they don't provide English speaking reps to assist us.


I know and when I was working helldesk it was always the other &(%^#$$&#*#$@ that would royaly screw everything off. I would get tickets that would literaly have ten random words on it and that would be it. Nothing else, just ten reandom words and none of them would have to do with the problem at hand. I wanted to beat the hell out of these people. And the wost part is that some of them where from a company that was in Canada or Main or something like that. I could tell the ones that came from across the ocean, cause not making fun of them for this cause I spell like crap too, but the spelling was off. It is okay that they get crap for training about the english language and do so well. Then on top of that none of them even get anywhere near to close to thinking about wishing they knew the right answer. Or how about those Jackholes that would transfer a call from their que to the one I was working, with no ticket number, no name, nothing, so it was like they just called in and I was the first one they talked to. Though here is the kicker, they have been on the phone for a half an hour with that other jack off while they told him the thigns they can and can't do pissing him off even more than all ready, then ontop of that putting him on hold for another forty five minutes before transfering him to me, and letting him vent off on me. We need to open another Island like Australia was for the British and put the ciriminaly insane, dangerioius and stuipd. hay that could be my third blog. What we should do to lower the population of criminals and stupid people.

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