Windows 7 keyboard Stopped working!


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Mar 3, 2009
Recently my keyboard stoped working. I have a tablet PC that's why I'm able to still post. My comp is a toshiba R-25 satellite tablet PC. Has any one had this problem and or know how to fix it?
I need to know if they keyboard is USB or PS/2. Some of my USB devices, including my USB keyboard have stopped working at times under 7. All I have to do is unplug from the USB port for a second, plug back in and viola, back working.
No its the keyboard thats built into my laptop. It has since started working again after i restarted my comp a few times but it also stopped working a second time but is now working again.
Oh, well, sounds like a hardware issue then. It is possible the actual connector inside your laptop is loose.
This is a bug

I did find this post through Google, and I must say for all those that are having the same issue:


I just did have the same issue.

I have a DELL Notebook Vostro 1510, and last night everything was working fine. So I turned on my computer today (not from hibernate, but from zero) and for my surprise, none of my keys were working! F1, F2, alphabetical letters, ENTER... none at all.

First thing I decided to do is check if the device was displayed with some kind of issue in "devices manager". All was OK. So I did reboot and still, no keys.

The solution was to UNINSTALL my keyboard device (from the device manager panel) and reboot, making Windows search for it and forcing a new installation.

It's fixed now, but this is too bizarre... The driver which was installed before was from Windows 7 already, not a custom driver or anything as that (my notebook model doesn't even have a custom driver made by Dell).

Sure it's a Windows 7 bug... And I don't find it little, but a hudge one.

Hope this helps anyone. In case it keeps annoying, I will be forced to go back to XP.
I can confirm this is definitely not hardware-related!

My Windows 7 crashed during installation of VMware Player. The built-in keyboard and mouse of the laptop stopped working, so did the external keyboard, and I only had the external mouse left.

Tried al sorts of remove/uninstall drivers for keyboard/mouse, but none worked. I had to do a system restore...

Just a small trick: If you find yourself stuck at the login-prompt, use the accessibility onscreen keyboard to send CTRL-ALT-DELETE sequence. AND THEN THE REAL TRICK: Press CTRL + ALT GR + DEL. Yeah, that's right, pressing the CTRL + ALT + DEL does not work - you need to use the ALT GR. One of the last things I tried - while frustration build up in my head :)

Hope this helps someone stuck with just a mouse...
Hi guys,

Just got the same problem with my mums Toshiba P500-12D running windows 7. Turned it on this morning and no response from the keyboard :(
Fortunately the ease of access on screen keyboard means we can still log on.

Also if I want to try what NicholasPufal suggested, I go into the device manager and there are 5 keyboard devices, which driver should I uninstall? They are:
HID Keyboard Device
Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard
Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard
Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys
Standard PS/2 Keyboard

Any tips on how to get it working again?

This is a bug
Got a link? I can find NOTHING anywhere to substantiate that this is a Windows bug. Understand too if this were a bug, the keyboard would work fine in the BIOS, but fail when Windows itself was loaded from the hard disk.

This is not a Windows bug. Windows uses "standard" keyboard drivers - notebooks do not.
[langtitle=sv]Re: keyboard Stopped working![/langtitle]

[lang=sv]Windows bugg!
Om du byter tangentbord när datorn är igång så kan det inträffa att windows crashar.

Starta datorn normalt (om det går) eller i felsäkert läge.
Gå in i kontrollpanelen och avinstallera tangentbordet.
När du gjort detta startar du om datorn som då hittar tangentbordet och installerar det med rätt drivrutiner igen.
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