Keyboard Vista Install

I'm trying to reformat and install Vista Home. I have the computers (Doing 2 Computers) set to boot from
dvd rom, when the message hit any key to boot to disk the keyboard will not work. The same thing happens
when booting to F8, keyboard will not work for those. Now I can hit delete key or F2 to enter Cmos and that
works just fine. I have changed the keyboard 4 different times and they all do the same, (work to go to cmos but
will not work to start the dvd to install Vista) this is happening on both of my computers. I have also changed
vista disks and still no go. Hope some one can help with this problem.


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Hi! I'm not sure, but I think you may have to re-download your keyboard drivers....(.Perhaps it's the driver order?) You did not say what kind of computer you have, hopefully this will give you an idea You'll have to go to your manufacturer for details....

After working all day on the problem I found out what the problem was. When reinstalling Windows Vista
(Booting from DVD and the keyboard does not work) you must delete the partion on your hard drive.
I put the hard drive in a nother system and deleted the partion on it, put it back in my system all worked just
fine. So remember if the problem arises be sure and delete the partions on your boot hard drive.
Thanks for all the help everyone gave, thanks for taking your time.

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