Keyboards and Languages problem

Hi there. I encountered a problem with Keyboards and Languages. I think I negligently deleted a keyboard setting. Is there any way of returning it? Here's a screenshot:




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No effect unfortunately :( It just removed the WAT, so now there is a "this copy of Windows is not genuine" watermark in the right bottom part of the screen.

Maybe you could upload kbdgeoerg.dll and kbdgeoqw.dll for me? Perhaps it would fix my problem?

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Copyrighted parts of Windows cannot be uploaded on this site. Also, if your copy of Windows was rendered unusable by running a System File Integrity check, either this is actually a pirated copy, a malware infected copy, or a seriously damaged copy. Blank dialogue screens don't appear in the release version of this software. These files are for the Georgian keyboard layout, but if they were removed or revoked from the system they may have, at one point, been replaced with malware files. We can't send you the Windows DLL's through this site due to our legal obligations under copyright acts and international law. I hope you understand why this is not possible. The fact that sfc /scannow caused you go to unlicensed is a big deal.

To find out more information about your license key and activation status, go to Start -> Search -> cmd.exe

Under the Command Prompt (Windows Command Processor) type: slmgr /dlv

This will give you extensive information about your Windows activation. Do not take a screenshot of this information and post any of that information here if it contains any residual licensing data. You will also see a re-arm count. You have a certain amount of time to re-activate your genuine copy of Windows before the allotted time runs out. Once that time does run out (days remaining), you can re-arm your copy of Windows with a temporary activation. This can be done up to 3 times, for 30 days at a clip, giving you 90 days of free time. Do not use this option unless it is a last resort to access certain features: Running out of re-arms ensures that you will never be able to withstand another loss of activation again without losing access to key operating system features. The rearm option is designed for problems whereas you have bought Windows but cannot activate it due to a error or invalidated key provided by Microsoft.

Here is what you need to do to find out more information. When you run sfc /scannow, it writes a file called CBS.log. Please see: and:

Under no circumstances should you lose Windows activation from running this command, unless the system integrity has been largely compromised. To deal with immediate re-activation of Windows, you need to call a Microsoft Product Activation Center for your region. In the USA/North America, this number is currently: 1-866-530-6599. For further information see: How to contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center by phone

To get more information about what System File Checker did, Start -> Search -> C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\
Some information here to guide you: Problem opening CBS.Log - Microsoft Answers
And: How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista to clip CBS.log down to errors only in a separate, accessible file.

The links I am sending to you, in this regard, are almost entirely authoritative, and from Microsoft. Other websites may give you similar information, but in your case, it would be to your ultimate benefit to use and benefit from these instructions as written. If you use the method described in KB928228, by default, you want to open c:\windows\system32\sfcdetails.txt. If it is blank, no repair took place. If it is not blank, some repair took place. However, it may be well off that you take ownership of CBS.log and review the log entries.

Your loss of activation or any system files must be dealt with through Microsoft or an authorized IT expert who is capable of determining that you have purchased a genuine copy of Windows. We are unable to provide this type of assistance on the website, as sending you parts of the OS may constitute unlicensed redistribution and may actually make matters worse for you overall. These files should not simply have disappeared out of nowhere and are, in a preliminary analysis, sign of a corrupt installation of the OS. I hope this information helps you.

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