hey, im not trying to be a hacker or spy on someone. i'm just worried about my son who just recently has been getting packages through the mail and im pretty sure its linked to how he's getting ahold of the things he is.. such as brass knuckles and throwing knives. i just want to know the best software that can enable me to see what he is doing on the internet without him getting upset thinking i dont trust him.
don't give me a spew on parenting or your parenting advice. i just want to know a software that will help me get to the bottom of this,thank you

There are several keloggers. I use Norton and the parental controls on the computer. I also regularly check the browsing history, but there are programs at Staples and other office supply stores that will block out certain words and phrases. They cost about $50

normally you can create your own keylogger, just search youtube. there's one created by tinkernut

The safe keyloger that is good for parents to control their children is family keylogger. Search on google to find it

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