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$100K Jetpack To Hit Retail Shelves Late 2011
by Brandon Dimmel on 20110601 @ 09:42AM EST

It's been two decades now since The Rocketeer soared into U.S. theatres and we're still walking, biking, and driving to work. But not all is lost: so long as you can come up with $100,000, you might soon be able to propel yourself to and from the office with a Martin Aircraft jetpack.

Our hopes of zig-zagging through the sky are up this week after word that the Martin Aircraft company recently conducted a successful field test of its jetpack prototype.

The real victory during the test, however, was the demonstration of the jetpack's emergency parachute. The chute worked exactly as it was designed: a crucial step for the jetpack's slow march to retail. (Source: Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads | | PC Magazine)

Device Uses Water-Cooled Piston Engine
One might be surprised to learn that the Martin Aircraft jetpack doesn't actually use a man-mounted jet engine to propel its user into the sky. Instead, it employs a water-cooled piston engine that rapidly propels air downward, sending the real-life rocketeer upward.

So far, Martin Aircraft has conducted successful tests of the 250-pound, carbon fiber jetpack, although we're told no flights have lasted longer than seven minutes. Let's hope your commute is a short one!

In practical terms, this makes Martin's jetpack more of a high-tech, one-man hot air balloon than a real-life Iron Man suit. (Source: DVICE)

Jetpack Expected to Hit Retail Late 2011
Sadly, the Martin Aircraft jetpack and other devices like it have a ways to go before the commoner can use them for everyday tasks.

Despite its limitations, it's expected the Martin Aircraft jetpack will be ready for retail -- and thus, lots of short flights -- later this year. (Source: Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads | | PC Magazine)

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