Kodak AiO 5500 printer freezes applications!

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    Okay, so this is kind of wierd, when ever i open a program and try to print, it immediately freezes as soon as hit the print button; furthermore, office freezes about a minute or two in whether i print or not, ive tried both office 03 and 07; HERES THE CATCH, when i uninstall the printer from the system everything goes back to normal, im able to print, even though i dont have a printer to print to, and office ceases to freeze, so can anyone help;

    EDIT: i did download new drivers and havent tried them yet, but i have a feeling that it wont work!! :mad:

    EDIT: running 32-bit windows 7
    EDIT: drivers did NOTHING, still get the same result;
    P.S. I dont know if its a new W7 feature but my printer is in printers and faxes, but not in the device manager..ANY HELP..

    P.S.S when i attempt to go into the printer properties i get the following error message:
    function address 0xae217ac caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xc0000005)
    some or all property page(s) may not be displayed.
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