Windows 7 L305D Laptop 64bit bluescreen, 32bit works.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D laptop. It runs an AMD Turion X2 64 2ghz processor. (64bit supported).

I tried loading W7 64bit (Build 7000) yesterday, and it started up fine the first time. I installed the updates, and it bluescreened on the second startup. I rebooted and let it go through its "Boot repair". It started on the third reboot just fine. I tried installing the updates again, and it bluescreened on me yet again, but the boot repair couldn't fix it the second time.

I installed 32bit after that. Even after all of the updates it works fine. My question is what would cause this? I am assuming it was one of the updates, but without about 4 days worth of free time, I can't go through them individually and see which one is causing the error, so I am hoping maybe someone here has experienced a similar problem.

The install CD is good. I have used it to install W7 on 4 other computers in my house.

Nevermind... problem found. It is the driver for the ati radeon 3100 graphics card. it installs and configures fine, but upon reboot I get bluescreened. I cannot seem to find a workaround for this. I am going to try to install the vista 64bit driver. Hopefully it will work.
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The 64bit Vista driver worked great on my HP laptop (has a mobile x1650 gpu). That should work for you.
I exhausted my options for loading ati drivers this morning. Absolutely nothing worked... I just kept getting bluescreened.

I get the same thing a with my Toshiba laptop. From the sounds of it you have the same one I do. L305d-S5874 The RC (build 7100) Seems to be more stable with the laptop but after installing drivers one by one with restarts eventually I end up with the same problem as before. Loads until you get cursor, then dumps to a blue screen and restarts. The System Restore worked the first time but no more after that and it wouldnt list the saved restore points i made so I couldnt get back to where I was running stable. Switching from Compatibility Mode to AHCI just results in a blue screen during the loading screen. This is frustrating, I didnt try 32bit but I have an XP installed already if i wanted to run a 32bit OS. I really don't think its the Radeon drivers.

Has anyone figured out what is causing this issue and if there is a way to fix it?
I have the L305D-S5869. I have another thread floating around that came after this one. You are right, it wasn't the video drivers. I cannot, however, figure out which one it is... or if it is even a driver issue. The last time I reinstalled 64 bit, I got a bluescreen on initial restart. That was before any of the updates or installed drivers. I can't make heads or tails of what is going on.

I have another thread that I started about this issue, and it doesn't seem anyone has the answer yet. The only thing I got was "wait for the official RC."
Yeah this is really annoying. I got it running stable with all my base drivers installed. I still cant restart without getting a blue screen again so I have to put it into hibernate if i want to turn it off. I did get it to list my custom restore points, that was my stupidity, had the wrong drive selected when i was saving them.

I was thinking maybe it was the wireless driver, doesn't seem to be but i would rule it out either. Was restarting fine with no blue screens, then for no reason I just started getting them again. I'm running the "official" RC, build 7100. So it seems like whatever the problem was, wasnt taken care of. Hopefully on the release we will get more people with similar problems and find a solution.
It isn't the wireless card. I run the same wireless card in one of my Dell laptops, which is running 64 bit RC with no issues.

Just as an added bit of knowledge... I am getting a new WiFi card pretty soon. After it is installed, I will attempt 64 bit again.

This time, however, I think I will do the smart thing and partition my drive, so I still have 32 bit fully functional. That will save me from reinstalling in order to get my Laptop up and running again. :eek:
Yeah definitely, I partitioned this time with xp on the other side. Just remember when you get it booted up make your 32 bit OS the default on the boot list. Makes things a lot easier if you dont get the time to fix it again for a few days. ;)

Post with a followup after you get the new card in, please.