LaCie External disk drive not visible

I am experiencing the following issue on my system and have been unable to find a solution so far.
I have connected a LaCie 1TB External Disk drive on my system and the disk randomly disappears from my system and is no more visible and accessible.

Depending on the connection type the following happens:
· eSata: The disk sometimes appears after a reboot. After a certain period of time, which seems to be randomly, the disk disappear from the system. In the Disk Management the disk is flagged as "Missing" and it is impossible to reactivate.
· Firewire: Same as for eSata but when it works, the transfer rate is very low ( 1 MB/sec)
· USB 2: Works fine.

The disk (still on warranty) has been sent back for a review to LaCie support, but no change since the return and I have no help from their support on this issue.
The system is fully updated and I have not found any alternate driver on the LaCie Support website.
The LaCie disk drive was used to work perfectly before on my previous system using windows XP.

In the bios, the disk is seen as HITACHI HDS 721010KL330 SCSI Disk drive.

System description:
Mother Board: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 X58 (socket1366)
CPU: INTEL Core 17- 920 2.66ghz( Socket 1366)
Internal disk drives:
· Maxtor SATA 1000Go STM31005280AS/G
· Maxtor SATA 500Go Diamond Max 23-STM3500418AS/G

Graphic card: CVASUS ENGT-220-1 GB-DI-LP PCI Express
Windows 7 64 bits

Thanks for your help if any idea.


Windows 7 Compatibility:

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