Lag/Freezing after startup (not in Safe Mode)

Hi, I've been working on this problem for about 5 days now.
I have a compaq presario SR100
Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
AMD Anthlon 64 3500+ Processor
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Graphics Card

I've had this machine for about 3 years now, and it's been running Windows 7 for close to a year. This was the same OS and version as i just put on. I did a routine reformatting to help speed up my computer. Setup ran smooth until it was preforming initial setup, where is had a BSOD (Driver_irq_not_less_than_or_equal). I haven't had a single BSOD since. After startup everything ran smooth. It wasn't until my first update where i began to have some issues. After startup (3 minutes in) my PC would begin to lag completely. This would occur for about 5 minutes until it would completely freeze, requiring hard boot. nothing else has been installed besides Windows Updates.

I have the minidump file here

And the Event Viewer Log of my machine the run where it did freeze up. There are a lot of, Installing Failed, errors but that's most likely because i cancelled the installer at one point.

If there's anything else needed i'll be happy to provide.

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Hi Brendan,
can you check c:\windows\minidump, zip the contents and attach them to your next post we can check them over and give you an idea as to what the cause is..

Sorry about the bad links in the first post. There is only one file in the minidump

and to correct the the second link the event log

Edit: Going to sleep for the night, will be back on tomorrow.

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Hi Brendan,
thanks for posting the dump.
All your drivers are old and need updating especially your graphics (which caused that bsod). The latest driver for your card can be found here:


Hey. Thanks for all the help and support. As of right now, the freezing after startup is gone. The only issues i have right now are

My computer will freeze after I'm AFK for a bit too long. I don't know what the actual time for this is.

A couple more BSOD's. i have the minidumps here
Windows Live SkyDrive

These are all occuring at random. Some at startup, others after being on for hours. I wouldn't mind but i can't use this machine for work as i risk losing it in progress, as word can't save a recent copy in that situation


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Hi BrendanS

The drivers kemical told you about still need updating.

These drivers:

VSTBS26.SYS Thu Oct 16 01:54:06 2008 Conexant HSF_HWB2 WDM driver
VSTCNXT6.SYS Thu Oct 16 01:52:22 2008 Conexant SoftK56 Modem Driver
VSTDPV6.SYS Thu Oct 16 01:57:45 2008 Conexant SoftK56 Modem Driver

are also old. See if you can get updated drivers from Conexant Support

Just for info. When replying, if you hit the "Go Advanced" button over there --->> bottom right, you end up on a different post editing screen. In one of the two toolbars above this editing screen is a "paper clip button". Click on that and you can then attach files directly to your post.

all three of those drivers are not available for windows 7. I tried installing one from the site, and it said there was no device. Here's the latest dump. Thank's again for continuing to assist. Im just baffled by the fact this happened on this reformat and not when i initially upgraded to windows 7

View attachment 010711-17187-01.dmp


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Brendan mate,

Download and install Driver Sweeper

This Realtek HD Audio driver is well out of date:

RTKVHD64.sys Tue Aug 04 10:50:52 2009

Run the installer when downloaded, it will also uninstall the old drivers and then ask for areboot. During reboot hit F8 (yours may be different) to get into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode run Driver Sweeper to clear up any Realtek HD Audio, when asked to reboot, click yes. Back in normal mode run the installer again to now install the new drivers. When asked to reboot click yes and let it do its thing.

After reboot the Conexant related software for now, rename the drivers .OLD, e.g VSTBS26.SYS to VSTBS26.OLD
Note!! not showing in the latest .dmp file, so just disable them (if there!!)

nvstor.sys Wed May 20 07:45:37 2009
nvstor64.sys Mon Jun 22 23:23:37 2009

nVidia Storage Drivers

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Rename .old:
XAudio64.sys Wed Apr 29 19:21:07 2009 Conexant modem audio driver
mdmxsdk.sys Mon Jun 19 22:27:26 2006 Conexant Modem Diagnostic Interface x86 Driver

MRVW13C.sys Thu May 03 09:11:45 2007 Linksys, NetGear, DLink or Marvell Wireless USB Network Adapter??

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