Lagging / Freeze when installing/extracting anything

As the title says, whenever i install, or extract something on my computer, everything seems to lag horrendously and often freeze. This started happening when i re-installed windows 7 onto my computer because i had way to many programs installed that i couldn't uninstall and almost no hard drive space left.

So after that, i re-reinstalled windows 7, with the option thats not upgrade xD i also formatted my hard drive. But it still happens, my computer runs perfectly when not installing anything, but as soon as it does, it lags like crazy. I know some may say "well just dont use your computer when installing" but when i extract a small file of only around 500 megabytes it takes about 3 hours. . . i really dont want that.

Anyways here are my computer statistics :

AMD x64 5000+ x2 2.6ghz
4.5 gb ram
360gb hard drive
nvdia geforce 9500 gt oc2 1gb

i have a gt5654 gateway if that helps o.o
Thanks in advance ^_^

edit : is it possible this is due to my hard drive being on the verge of death? idk its kind of old ( 2-3 years )and it was just making some really weird noises o.o

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maybe the program make it lag...guess

Weird hard drive noises = replace the drive.

maybe the program make it lag...guess
this didn't happen before reinstalling though, and my ram/CPU never go above 30%

and idk I might get a new hard drive but if there is some other solution itd be nicer lol

Thought this may help too : i tried getting steam to download mw2, ea download manager to download a game, and to install fallout new vegas, all at the same time. it lagged beyond mad crazy, but my cpu never went above 10% and my ram never went above 34%

could my computer just not be using it? how would i fix that?

If you're certain that the hard drive is making noises unlike it ever has before, do yourself a huge favor and forget all this other diagnosis stuff. Install a new hard drive and enjoy.

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