Lags during games (HD 5750)


I have a good gamer PC. I bought it about 8 month ago. Everything worked fien, games were running on max settings but lately games have started lagging.
When I start playing a game (e.g. Medal of Honor), at the beginning, it doesn't lag. But after a few minutes it starts lagging. It's not a continuous lagg, just it lags a bit in every 1-2 seconds.
I saw that the System proccess (and its dxgmms1.sys) was using the CPU in 2-3%.

My rig:
Phenom II x4 920 (not ocd)
Sapphire HD 5750
4 gb DDR2 RAM

Thanks in advance.


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Check out advanced settings in CCC and make sure the overclock isn't turned on, nor any fan adjustments under "ATI Overdrive". Make sure you have the latest drivers from ATI.

Check the idle temp of both the GPU and CPU. Check the interior of the computer for a buildup of dust. Sounds like the card is likely to be overheating.

Thanks for your reply!
I checked the temperature of GPU and it was 75 degrees during the game. I dusted out the video card and the temperature was 45-50 but the problem still existed. Then I checked the temp of the CPU and it was 80 degrees. Than I dusted out the whole computer and the problem has gone away :D

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