LAN connection fails

Hi, around a month or 2 ago, I got upgraded from windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit to windows 7 Home premium 64 bit, and lately i've been experiencing problems with my LAN connection. I seem to often just suddenly loose my LAN connection, so I lose my internet connection, but other computers in the network don't (one has windows 7 and the other has XP). It seems to mainly happen when i'm torrenting something, especially if i'm using bitcomet. I really don't know too much about this sort of thing, so i'm not really sure what information to give you :confused:, but my computer is connected via LAN cable to a hub which is connected to a D-Link 2500u router and i've got a 512kb/s line speed (yes, i know, it sucks :frown: ). I found a way to fix this, all I do is disconnect the LAN cable from my pc and plug it back in again and it seems to work instantly, but it is still a very annoying problem, especially if i'm torrenting a large file over night and find that it stopped downloading.

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