LAN games: 2 PCs can't see each other


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Hi all. I have 2 computers on the same network (connected to the same router). Both are running Windows 7 Ultimate x86. Now the problem is when one PC hosts a game, the other PC can't see it (and vice a versa). I have tried this with several games (both PCs using each game with same version) and still both PCs can't see each other.

On the other hand, under My Computer-Network, both PCs can see each other and access any shared files between the 2.

I have spent several hours trying to fix this but nothing has seemed to help :( Help would be much appreciated.

What game is it?

Are you using static addressing or DHCP?

Can you ping the address both ways?

Is the firewall on or off?

Are the game exe's allowed through the firewall?

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