LAN in Windows 7

I got myself a new notebook from my parents (no disc, no packages, etc), Acer; Aspire 4714z; Intel pentium P6000.

I really want to connect this notebook for internet and online gaming purpose.
When I plug the ethernet cables from my PC, the light turns on. But it doesn't detect any connections.

So I look over the forum here and there, and I found that I have no ethernet controller.

So I thought that I need to install the driver of Ethernet Controller (been searching over the forum for the driver, and null result).

I am a newbie at this, so any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Hello and welcome to the forums. Acer's website, support and download center would probably be a good place to start most likely they would have a driver for the ethernet controller as well as the modem driver that you are evidently missing.
We can try to help if you will provide the hardware ID for the device. Try opening device manager again, right click the problem device choose properties, select the details tab, change the property value drop down arrow to Hardware IDs then in the value box, right click and choose select all, then right click again and choose copy. Then paste that information into your next post and we'll see if we can find any help for you.

Oh my God! it Works!
You are the master!
Thank you Very very much!


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You bet. Glad to have helped. Did you follow up to see if the second driver that TorrentG mentioned will finish cleaning up your device manager issue with the remaining Simple Communication Device issue?
Anyhow thanks for posting back and updating your thread. Hope to continue to see you around the forums.



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sounds like a built in modem to me


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That's what I initially thought it was also until I examined the hardware IDs that you included, turns out in your case it's not actually a modem but rather Intel's Active Management Technology. Here's a link that explains what it actually is Intel

wow! the second driver solved! You guys are the best!

uhh... anyway, What is actually PCI Simple Communication?
Sorry for the trouble :x
It's not any bother. That's what we're here for...enjoy.

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