LAN internet not working after disconnection and re-connection?


This problem has been bugging me for a while and I have searched but cannot find a solution.

The only way to get my computer to register a valid wired LAN internet connection is to boot with everything hooked up.

If I decide to disconnect the LAN cable then connect it again the computer will not register that it is attached to a valid internet connection. No flashing lights next to LAN plug, and Mozilla loads automatically in "Offline Mode".

Is this a setting I can adjust to fix this problem? Every time I disconnect the LAN with the computer running I have to re-connect it then re-boot the system to get back online.

My old Win XP system was able to be plugged and unplugged several times with no drop out in net connection, and no need to re-boot.

System is a new Acer Laptop with Factory Win 7 loaded. Internet is via wired LAN and is a high speed and stable connection.

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heres what i did when my ethernet and wireless stopped working, and it fixed it.
Go to Network and sharing center.
Click "change adapter settings"
It should show your wireless and LAN (Local Area Network) connections.
Right click LAN and click on "Properties" (Make sure you are using an admin account)
Click on internet protocol version 6.
At the bottom, a new option called "Properties"
Click on that.
Make sure that the cicles "Obtain ipv6 address automatically" for both.
Hit ok and then click on "Internet protocol version 4"
Go to properties.
Make sure that those same cicles are marked.
Click ok and close out of LAN, but not Adapter settings.
Right click on "Wireless Network"
Click properties and do the same thing that you just did for LAN.

Tell me if it helped

If this is not a laptop I also would recommend disabling the power saving feature to the LAN and Wireless adapter.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Ok, seems I'm making progress.

From the network connections page it shows the LAN as connected. If I pull the wire out it obviously shows as disconnected.

If I plug the cable back in promptly, say within a few seconds the cable shows up as disconnected, then connected and the net connection carries on as usual.

If the cable is unplugged for say longer than 30 seconds, plugging in the cable does nothing. It will continue to show the LAN cable as unplugged.

HOWEVER.... if I right click on the LAN icon, DISABLE the LAN then right click and ENABLE the LAN it seems to re-validate the connection and shows it as connected.

So, how to make this happen every time WITHOUT me having to go into setting and turn things on and off manually.



As mentioned before, this looks to me like a power saving setting, which you can disable in the adapter's properties. Even with a laptop, I wouldn't use those power saving mechanisms, only for the display and HD.


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