Lan Network Card Woes (W7 X-64)


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Laptop with Via Velocity family built in Ethernet card Works 100% on XP, Vista -X32 and W7 X-32.

This card won't work on Vista X-64 or W7 X-64 on some routers -- Seems to work fine on a Rangemax Netgear router but then my desktops with Realtek 8168C(P)/8111(P) Family PCI-E gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) won't work on Vista X-64 (haven't converted these to W7 yet.

I've also tried all the "known fixes" such as disabling IPV6 etc etc. No avail. I get the feeling that this card just doesn't want to have anything to do with X-64 bit systems unless you find a particular router that just happens to work with it..

Re-instated my old router --desk tops are fine.

Laptop works fine with PCI express card AGERE SYSTEMS ET-131x PCI-EGigabit Ethernet adapter downloaded driver from [APIOTEK Co., Ltd.]-PC, Notebook, Mobile Phone and Gamer accessory provider select driver for EC-0005
Old "Bog standard" USB==>LAN card worked fine as well .
I'm surprised the PCI-E card worked as this is very new technology -- but at least it saves me having to use a USB port on the laptop.

Wireless works fine both W7 X32 and X64

The strange thing with the Via Velocity built in card is that there have been numerous windows updates for this --my PC says it's working fine but Limited connectivity on Unknown network.

Anyway have got round the problem now --the PCI-e card is fine and I can always fall back to the "Dinosaur Technology USB==>LAN adapter I have.

Microsoft still IMO need to sort Networking out a bit.


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