Language Bar is gone?

Hi, I bought my computer half a year ago and ever since then there was a language bar that I could use. It worked just fine. Just recently, my computer had to recover data (pressing f12 repeatedly during startup) because of a "hard drive damage". When i finally had most of my data recovered, I found out my language bar was missing. I tried going to control panel>clock, language, and region>change keyboards or other input methods>change keyboards>languagebar. There, I made sure it wasn't on hidden and that I had picked a language. There use to be a "EN" icon on my taskbar where it let me change languages, but now it isn't there. Is there anything else i could do to make it appear/work again? I really need it for my work... thanks.

Thank you very much! I've just tried it and my language bar is back! :)


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That's great! Thanks for updating.. :)

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