Language Bar Not Showing Up in Flash Spaces

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with the Windows 7 Language bar.

It works fine on almost anything except flash spaces.

See, I play this game in which I have to speak Japanese, but since it's a flash space I have to type in the given comment box. Every time I click the comment box, the language bar disappears and switches to roman characters automatically. It's rather inconvenient to copy and paste everything I type.
And it's not only about the game, but these live events in which people give their opinions online and if I can only type English, my opinion would be ignored.

I somehow figured out how to get it to work right a few days ago, but after I turned my computer on the next day, everything is back to the way it was.

I thought if I switched the default input language to Japanese, it would work, but nothing is happening still.

I am able to provide screen shots if any of this doesn't make sense.

Would someone be kind enough to help?


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This is an exact duplicate to a thread posted here.

I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. Thanks for helping.

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