Windows Vista language for non unicode programs + multiple users

My wife's Chinese programs do not display correctly unless I set the language for non unicode programs to Chinese. When I do this some of my programs then display in Chinese.

Is there a way to set a different non unicode language for each user? I cant find a way round this.

help and thanks.


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Have you tried setting up a users(with admin priviledges) account for your wifeand then changing the language settings from within her account. Hopefully the other user accounts won't display the changes..

changing it in any user account askes for a reboot, and once it does it changes both accounts.


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Hmm.... I see. Could you not change each program to start with a default setting? You usually get asked which language you want to use when installing said program, cannot this be changed to what you need?

Unfortunatley not. With the Chinese programs they mostly only pick up what the unicode is set to. It works if Chinese but shows gibberish for anything else. Therefore I have to change the unicode to Chinese.

The other way round you can sometimes change in the options, but not always. Plus if the wife isnt around I need to find the chinese for options/settings/preferences etc

I had this on XP and never found a soloution. I was hoping Vista had a way round it, as I dont want to have to essentially turn on twice (after changing settings) before using the PC.

I found this Microsoft AppLocale Utility that does that. The problem is idk if it runs on Vista. I've only tried it on XP but it works great.


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I'm not a programmer and admittedly, I only half-understand why these Unicode problems occur, but since I do use programs in both Korean and English on my system, I know how annoying it is to run a program that is in Korean or partially so--in some parts like the menus, the Korean letters will show up correctly, but pop up boxes and such often will be gibberish. I can't believe with how long Unicode has been around that things are still not programmed to utilize Unicode correctly by Windows 7. I still use XP, and I am seriously considering an upgrade to Windows 7 after it is released, but that is really disappointing. By now any program in any language should be appearing correctly.


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Nope,I've tried Microsoft AppLocale Utility, but it can't install in Windows 7.
I have tested Microsoft AppLocale Utility on Windows 7. And everything was working without any problems. But I have tested only russian cyrillic. So you can try it also, I think everything will be OK ;)

p.s. thanks greenleaf000 for usefull info.

Thats really great, I have also visited many other forums but this one is best of all

okie, let me try this

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