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How do I download ONLY a Spanish pack. The MS website states that I go to windows updates and check for updates. Having done that (1 hour later) I click on the optional updates and pick the language pack for Spanish. This makes me believe that that is all I am going to download. NO WAY. It has found over a gigabite of downloads that I am told that I need. Like it or not it is going to download them regardless of my wanting to only get one. I could have got the other updates when I went home at night. This has cost me the best part of a day wasted.

Why does MS not allow the packs to be downloaded as a file and installed separately. If my PC crashes next time I will be looking at another days work wasted.

I still have to find a way of keying in accented letters.


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*** UPDATE ***

Having installed the language pack for Spanish and Added Spanish in the Office tools, It states limited support.
I create a new word document and add the following "Cómo estás".

This is how are you but MS doesn't understand and I see red squiggles under the words. Not very good for basic Spanish spell checking is it?

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