Languagepack windows 7 pro

Hey !
I need some help !
I've bought windows 7 in swedish language and i want to get it in english. I've checked around on the internet and found something with the "CMD" but doesn't understand a thing of it !
Is there an solution on my problem, want it properly done without to reinstall my windows.. :what_smile:

NEED HELP ASAP, thanks ! :doggy:


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You'll need to buy the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" to Ultimate for language packs. Go to the Start Menu, type "Windows Anytime Upgrade", w/o the quotes. Pricing depends upon where you live.

You'll be emailed a key after purchase, in the US, it's over $100. It's a 10 minute upgrade, with no loss of files, no format, everything will be the same. All that you're doing is buying a key to "unlock" what you already have. Make sure that you copy that key & store it in a safe place, as if you need to re-install your OS, you'll need to re-enter the key to upgrade again.

Once you've upgraded, the English language pack is an update that you'll be able to select from.

Hope that my post explains your options.

Best of Luck,

Thanks for the fast reply. I'm gonna try that one !

Cheers :)


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Hope that it works out for you! It should. You'll also have BitLocker included with the Ultimate package. It has everything that Windows 7 has to offer. And a quick 10 minute upgrade (assuming a fast internet connection).

Like I previously stated, don't lose that key! Make 2 copies of it, put 1 with your computer documents, and 1 somewhere else. That way, should you need to re-install, after you update the one you have fully, just re-enter the key the same way, and it'll upgrade again.

Any further questions, please post back.

Best of Luck,


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