Laptop battery purchase

I had purchased LenovoG410 laptop a year before,and now,it can no longer hold charge.I am trying to purchase a new battery for the same laptop,but need help finiding out the manufacture date of laptop battery.How can we find the manufacture date?I searched my old battery all the sides,and even inside,but there were just guarantee codes,battery number,the like.Any suggestion how to find out the manufacture date,as I am going to purchase a new battery,and suspect of getting an old oine.

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It could be located inside the battery tray, probably through one of the holes. If you can't see it, look it up in your warranty paper or on the manufacturer's web site. Contact support.


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Most of the replacement batteries from EBAY on the hong kong end tend to be new since China is where the majority of the worlds pc and laptop parts are made under licences, so you tend to get a lot of "GREY" imports without the brand stickers for half the cost, yet still come off the same exact production lines.


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Batteries don't come pre-charged as rechargeable batteries charge levels decay over time even if not being used. That said most devices that rely on batteries allow for charging while not in use in a powered down state.

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